Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to our website.

What sizes are accepted?
Upscale Resale accepts boys and girls sizes newborn – 14. Sorry, No Teen or Maternity. No shoes larger than a 6.


Are ALL brands of clothing, shoes and toys accepted? What is the minimum requirement?
We do not accept all brands/items for our consignment sale. We are a smaller, unique sale featuring upscale boutiques and some better quality items from certain department stores. Be sure to check over our list of Approved & Non-Approved Brands. There is a 10 item minimum to consign.


Are ALL items discounted to 50% on Half-Price Day?
No, not all items are discounted on Half-Price Day. The Consignors decide which items are discounted at the Half-Price sale which is indicated on the price tag. Look for the tag to say DISCOUNT: YES or NO. Overstocks are not discounted half price.


Are there special benefits if I Consign and Volunteer?
Yes! Upscale Resale rewards those of you that Consign AND Volunteer for our Boutique Sale. You get to shop 1 hour earlier than someone who only Consigns or works a 3-hr Volunteer shift.


As a Consignor, what is the Consignor Fee? How much do I earn from the sale? When will I receive payment?
The Consignor fee is $10 paid via Paypal at the time of registration (non-refundable). Consignors earn 65% of the sale price of the items. Your Consignor Proceeds will be mailed within ten days of Pickup.


As a Consignor, what if I can’t pick up my items on the last day of the sale?
You must send someone to pick up your clothing if you can’t make it. This person’s name must be given to us. If your items are not picked up you will be charged a $20 NO-SHOW FEE which will be deducted from your earnings. (This does not include items that are listed as donation or last minute decisions to donate.) Upscale Resale only has the facility rented for a certain period of time, and does not have the space to store the clothing. Any clothing not picked up on the last day becomes the property of Upscale Resale. The clothing will be donated to various charities at the end of drop-off. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Are children allowed at the Preview or Public Sale days?

Children under 16 are not allowed to attend the Preview Sale on Wednesday. However, children are welcome to come to the Public Sale days on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. For their safety, please keep a close watch on them at all times.


If I want to Volunteer, how long do I work and what are the incentives?
Volunteer shifts offered are 3- 8 hours. The more hours you work, the earlier you get to shop at the Preview Sale.


What if I don’t like my purchases when I get home? Are returns or exchanges allowed?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL– Although we do our best to evaluate each item as it comes into the sale, we cannot guarantee the absence of imperfections. We advise shoppers to thoroughly inspect each item prior to purchase as all sales are final. NO exchanges, returns or refunds. Look over each item closely and make sure toys/equipment are working fully, tops/bottoms are the same size, etc. If you do find an error while shopping, please bring it to the checkout table so we can remove it from the sales floor or make the appropriate notation.


What if I have consigned with Upscale Resale before? Do I need to register again?
Yes, we require that you complete the registration form on-line for each sale. You will keep the same consignor number for each sale. Be sure to update your personal information each time.


What methods of payment are accepted?
Upscale Resale accepts cash (always faster!), Visa, Mastercard & Discover. Proper identification required. Sorry, No checks, AmEx, or Visa/MC gift cards allowed.